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April 2000 - Present: Application Technology Specialist, American Family Insurance


IBM Websphere Java Developer Design, develop, and implement Web-based Applications.

Technologies used include:
      Java Server Pages
      Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
      Rational Rose UML Diagrams
      SQL and Relational Database Design (DB2)
      Cascading Style Sheets

Provide Delphi Mentoring Provide same responsibilities I was providing as a Consultant

Application Support Vendor application support including web applications utilizing MS IIS and ActiveX

1997 - April 2000: Consultant, Technology Consulting Corporation -placed at American Family Insurance working in Borland Delphi.

Provide Delphi Mentoring - Provide expert assistance to other Delphi developers. Teach Delphi Developers the foundations of good Delphi coding practices, Object Oriented Design, Object creation and integration. Technologies used include IBM MQ/Series, DB2, ODBC, and the Borland Database Engine.
Solve the Difficult Problems - When the development team encounters a situation which requires explicit knowledge of Delphi and the Win32 API to solve, I develop prototype applications which provide a variety of solutions for the team. I explain the drawbacks and benefits of utilizing each solution, and help them realize and implement the best solution to the problem.
Application Development - Design, Develop, Implement and Support a variety of applications, including Process Workflow, Database Management, and TCP/IP Winsock applications.
Application Conversion and Maintenance - Convert application from 16 bit to 32 bit Delphi, and maintain/enhance application to take advantage of the new features in the Win32 environment.

Custom Component Development - Conceive, Design, and Create custom components for Delphi which fullfil specific requirements. Components include a Date/Time Picker, Currency Edit, and Enhanced Combo Boxes.
16 bit to 32 bit Conversion - Convert Glass Audit software from 16 bit Delphi to 32 bit Delphi. Program is used to edit invoices after receipt via Electronic Data Interchange, and includes such features as error tracking, Line item editing, and an invoice print function.
Year 2000 Product Testing - Test Borland Delphi for Year 2000 compatiblity. Project involves going through each date/time function in both Delphi and the Delphi implementation of the Win32 API and determining what level of Year 2000 compliance is specified. Once the limitations are discovered, procedures are written up to develop strategies for Year 2000 compatibility.
Software Factory - Develop small utilities and custom applications for a variety of departments. Work with users to determine the specific business need, then develop software to fit the need. Utilizes the full capabilities of Delphi, including the BDE, ODBC, and Oracle 7, and the WIN32 API.

1994 - Present: Independent Developer.
I develop a variety of applications and utilities which provide such functions as:

I run a web server at I do the setup, security, maintenance, on the web site, as well as write all applications available from that site.

1990- 1997: Director, Adtec Data Technologies -Provide local businesses with numerous products and services including COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) systems, Document imaging software, Computer output microfiche and microfilm processing. Adtec Data Technologies was profitable the entire seven years, even though faced with a constantly changing market, through a strategy of customer service, cost containment and quality control.

Day to Day Operations - Responsibilities include daily operations, business planning, supervision of five employees ranging in skills from computer operations to sales personnel and quality control.
Custom Software Development and Intergration with Client Systems - Develop, Install, Configure, and Support software for clients with specific needs to the customer's requirements. Personally designed and developed OPTrieval COLD software. Software was developed with a variety of tools, including MS Foxpro, Visual Basic, and Borland Delphi, and has resulted in more than $100,000 in sales to date. Reponsible for installation of software requiring intimate knowledge of a customer's existing computer systems. Experienced with multiple network operating systems, as well as mainframe and midrange computers.
Business Process Analysis - Responsible for determining existing business processes within other companies, and making recommendations on how document managing solutions and technology can improve the business processes and save revenue.
SQL and World Wide Web Server Setups, Management and Maintenance - Experienced with set up, maintenance, and development using MS SQL Server software, as well as Installation, Configuration and Creation of Windows NT based WWW Servers. Responsibilities include analysis of bandwidth requirements, Domain Name acquisition, HTML editing and creation of content, integration with Data Warehouse to provide MS SQL Server access via the WWW.
Microfiche Programming, Hardware Support, General PC Technician - Responsibilities also include Set-Up of Microfiche titles and indexes, Support for a wide variety of hardware, including PC and Microfiche equipment, Periodical Maintenance and Problem Solving on microfilm processors.

Developed OPTrieval software - Conceived, Designed, Developed and Marketed OPTrieval Report storage software, using Combinations of Foxpro, Visual Basic, and Delphi. OPTrieval is a full function COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) product enabling clients to access mainframe generated reports and statements from a Client Server PC environment.
Developed Dane County Tax Roll - Conceived, Designed, and Developed a Foxpro database application which contains all of the property tax information for Dane County. Product was sold to local title companies, eliminating trips to the Dane County courthouse for information.
MS Windows NT, Unix System and Novell Netware Administration - Installed, configured, and connected to the Internet MS Windows NT Server 4.0, including development of web site and Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Connectivity. Installed and configured Data General Avaiion systems as well as Installed, configured Novell Netware 4.01 for small office use.
MS SQL Server Administration and Programming - Installed, configured, and developed queries for MS SQL Server. Tools used for SQL server programming include Borland Delphi, and Information Builders Focus 6 Reporting tool. Implementation requires SQL Server data to be made available to users via the World Wide Web.
Developed numerous data conversion utilities - Created a large number (close to 50) specific utilities to convert data from a wide variety of platforms, including IBM Mainframe, Midrange, Unisys Mainframe, DEC Vax, Wang, Unix and Unix Variants.
Wiskids Data Count Book - Developed entire application in HTML for viewing child welfare information for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. Project included development of 10 tables from a database of 72 counties, including the creation of a custom installation program, and indexing of the entire system.

1989 - 1990 Systems Analyst, Anacomp, Inc. - Anacomp is the leading manufacturer of Computer Output Microfilm equipment in the world.

Implementation planning - Planned the installation and conversion of microfiche setups from one platform to another.
Problem Resolution - Responsible for fixing software problems and reporting application bugs to the developers.
Customer Service - Responsible for supporting customers over a three state territory, including accompaning sales representatives on new sales calls to provide technical support.

Installed over 30 Microfiche Recorders within 30 different companies. Each installation required pre-planning and understanding of basic customer computing environments and platforms.
Created new method for doing multiple level blips on 16 mm microfilm. Method allowed customers to use multi level blipping on Computer Output Microfilm, a totally new concept which paved the way for a $250,000 sale.
Quality Assurance testing on new products. Selected to provide debugging information on the next generation of Micrographic equipment, due to my expertise in programming and willingness to use the advanced functions of the software, providing the customer was provided with a better, more functional product.

1987-1989 Computer Operations, Florida National Bank - Jacksonville, Florida

Operations of IBM 3090 MVS/XA Mainframe
- Promoted on merit and work capabilities from Tape operator to Main Console operations. Knowledge and hands on experience with everything from tape drives to mainframe laser printers to MVS and JES2 commands. Have IPL and JCL experience, including job scheduling.


Associates Degree, Computer Science, Florida Community College at Jacksonville 1988
Languages taken: Cobol, CICS, Pascal, Fortran, Basic
Ongoing education - Currently working with development tools such as Borland Delphi, MS SQL Server,Visual Basic, and Windows API function calls, to produce database and internet access utilities. Courses taken as needed, as well as maintaining a large library of reference material.
Special Skills - I consider my special skill the ability to make it work, and find ways around limitations presented when other options fail. People call me when they need a solution, not a long discussion about why something can't work.


Available on request.

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