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Ulted 2.0 released 1/26/1998!!

ULTed, the Ultimate Ascii Editor for Ascii Art and IRC

Keep an eye glued to this page for updates and changes, including links to ASCII Art Archives, and color examples of what can be done with ULTed.

What's ULTed?
Ever wonder how people make those great color pictures on IRC? Heres a great utility that will let you create those pictures.
ULTed is a utility program that will let you draw and colorize ASCII art.

Main Features include:

1. Full compatibility with mIRC and Pirch, for play on IRC channels.
2. Colorize ASCII art quickly and easily, without having to know the color codes
3. Copy from ULTed right into your mIRC/Pirch popups.
4. Point and click colorization.
5. Paste text you cut right out of your web browser, or open files youve received via DCC
6. Create your own art simply by typing in characters, or modify existing art.
7. Font Selection
8. Default Background Color Selection.

OK.. by popular demand, here's a screen shot:

To get 16 bit ULTed, click here NOW (Due to lack of interest, this is the last 16 bit version of ulted)
To get NEW, 32 bit ULTed version 2, click here NOW

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