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Current ULTimage version 2.75 Beta 1 - Released November 11, 1999

32 bit: 2.75, released 8/12/2010

ULTImage is FREEWARE at this time.

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ULTimage Features
ULTimage is the ultimate image management solution. Just some of the features include:

One-Click Thumbnailing - You can make thumbnail previews of all the image files in a directory just clicking on it. Plus, ULTimage thumbnails movie files, such as MPEG, AVI and MOV too!
Multiple Image File Type Support - ULTimage supports numerous viewing of numerous image files, including BMP, DIB, GIF, JIF, JPEG, JPE, JPG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, RLE, TGA, TIF and TIFF. ULTimage will also play wav and midi files as well as launch Windows associated applications to give you instant access to all other file types.
Movie File Thumbnails - ULTImage even creates preview thumbnails from .AVI, .MPEG, and .MOV files!!!
Picture Combination - You can combine multiple images into one easily using the Picture Combination Window.
Slideshow Capabilities - Make slideshows for viewing all the files in a directory, or just ones that you choose.
Manipulate and Adjust Images - Zoom in or out, crop, or add filters to images. You can even save your images to different image file types easily with ULTimage (Save option for Registered users only).
Image File Management - Simple drag and drop image file managment to keep your images organized.
Catalogs (Contact Sheets) - Build Catalog pages and Contact sheets. Add Text to Catalogs, Background Images, Fully customizable. Save your settings for re-use, too!
TWAIN Scanner Support - Fully supports most scanners! Scan, then use ULTImage's Crop and Adjust filters to easily adjust the image. Supports most Scanners, Digital Cameras, and Cams like Connectix's Quick Cam!
Programmable Function Keys - Tag and move or copy files to anywhere on your system by programming function keys. Simply assign a function key a directory, when you hit the function key, all selected files are copied (or moved) to that directory.
Make Windows Wallpaper - Make your own Windows Wallpaper from your favorite image files (Registered users only).
High Quality Color Printing - Color printing of your favorite image files is a snap.
Default Viewer for Windows - You can make ULTimage your total image solution by setting it as your default viewer for Windows.
HTML Thumbnail Builder - Fully configurable and chock full of features, the HTML Thumbnailer feature can build an entire website with a few clicks of the mouse. Never spend hours making thumbnails and tables again!! ULTimage does it for you.
Multicolor Tagging - Select and group different files for easy management. ULTimage will even tell you how many files you've tagged for each color group.
Quick Preview - Right Click Quick Preview lets you quickly view the image without loading it into a separate window!

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Installation Instructions:

When downloading, make a note of where you store the file you receive. That way you can find it later. You also have the option of letting the installation set up icons directly into your Start Menu in Windows.

Place the file at the bottom of this page in its own folder. Double click to begin the installation program.

To start the program, simply select ULTimage from the programs section in the Windows Start Menu. You can also add it to the STARTUP group in the start menu, so that it automatically begins each time you start Windows.

This software runs under Windows XP and UP, including Windows Vista and Windows 7

Version 2.75 beta 1 32 bit Windows XP/Vista/7 Download ULTimage!!

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