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Current Ultrawave versions:

32 bit: 2.5a, released 2/03/2000

16 bit: 2.10, released 5/26/97

Or try the Mirror Site Page, if you have trouble getting them from above.

Version 2.5a fixes any bugs you may be experiencing with mIRC 5.7

Registered Users:

You should download Ultrawave from here. Follow the instructions on the registration tab to receive your registration key.

Here, you will find all the information you need to use the Premiere multimedia player for mIRC. What's mIRC, you ask? Check out this link: mIRC home page. Basically, mIRC is simply the BEST chat client on the planet, for Internet Relay Chat. Ultrawave is an Add-On program, that has many features, including:

Intergrated ULTSpell Spell Checker Intergrated ULTSpell as a feature of Ultrawave. ULTSpell allows spell checking features of not only mIRC, but also other Windows text based programs.
@CHATFILESEARCH option DCC Chat option allows searches of a person's sound directories for specific words.
.MP3 Support NOW INTERNALLY BUILT IN or use Full Winamp Integration! Yep, that's right.. play .MP3's on random using Ultrawave's internal player or Winamp, without messy script files.
Sub-Directory Support You can group your sound files into subdirectories, so that you can quickly find the wave you want to play.
Random Play Randomly play sounds in the channel.
.MID and .AVI Support Add Midi and AVI movies to mIRC.
A Full Suite of OP Tools, including a Ban list manager that lets you save your bans to file, and restore them to the channel.
Group Play, and Group Captions! Want to pick a random wave and play it whenever someone gets kicked, or your sweetheart joins the channel? Group play is the answer!
Set mIRC Wallpaper! Set the background in mIRC to your default windows wallpaper!
.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIF, .BMP Support Adds Image display and play over IRC to mIRC, Now INTERNAL to Ultrawave!
Instant Setup with the Built in Setup feature One click, and you're up and running with Ultrawave. Fast, and Easy!!!
External Viewers Add support for virtually ANY file type, with Ultrawave's Associate Extension capability.
Auto-Get Automatically receive sounds you don't have.
Ignore Ignore waves you don't want to hear, but aren't ready to delete.
Selective Sending Ignore sending of sounds to certain nicknames
Banner Playing Play banners in the channel window. What's a banner? Here's an example:
 ,__ __ 
/|  |  |
 |  |  |    __,    ,_
 |  |  |   /  |   /  |   |  |_
 |  |  |_/ \_/|_/    |_/  \/
Color Banners Ultrawav now supports the new Color features, of mIRC 4.7
Backwards Talking Talk sdrawkcab in the channel.
Alternating Caps TaLk In AlTeRnAtInG CaPs.
Extended Ascii Tţk th fk t hrtr
Rainbow Talk Talk in rainbows with the new features of mIRC 4.7
Alternating Colors Talk in funky alternating colors, too!
Full color support in Banners Add color codes to your banner strings, and the banners come out in color!!!
Long file names Ultrawave now supports 32 bit long file names!!!
Text files on random play Randomly play .TXT files too!!!!
Multiple Base Paths Put your waves on 2 or 3 different drives, and Ultrawave will find them all
Drag and drop copying You can keep your wave files organized with Ultrawave's drag and drop copying capability
$identifiers Use Easy to understand Identifiers to refer to colors, bold, etc ($red=4, $bol = Bold)
Color Captions Color captions, Rainbow Captions, Extended Ascii Captions are all available with Ultrawave
Keyword Searching Enter keywords, then search for your waves. Don't want to enter keywords? Ultrawave will search for waves by partial file name, too. You can also play a wave just by double-clicking on it in the keysearch window.

System Requirements:

To get the best results from Ultrawave, you need:
Pentium class PC (minimum)
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 (Win 95 is preferred)
8 MB RAM (The more the merrier.. you really need 16 mb to walk Win 95, and 32 to RUN Win 95)
And.. space for all the waves you'll get with the auto-get feature! ;o>

Ultrawave takes up less than 3.5mb on your hard disk, including progam files and banner fonts.

Quick installation instructions

1 Download the program. Make a note of where you stored the file!!! (See below)
2 Double click on the Ultra25.exe file in Explorer.
3 Follow the onscreen prompts for installation.
4 Look in the start menu under Ultrasoftware. Then Click the Ultrawave Icon.
5 Start mIRC (if you didn't already).In mIRC, enter /ddeserver ON mIRC
6 In Ultrawave, click Setup MIRC from the main menu
7 Read the section in the help file on "Additions to mIRC". It contains all the commands you need to use banners, backwards talking, and alternating caps. Remember to read the section on popups.
8 Write out the check for the registration fee and send it in, or use the new on-line registration! (big evil smile)

Version 2.5a - 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 Download Ultrawave!!

Version 2.10 16 bit Windows 3.1 Download Ultrawave!!

Or try the Mirror Site Page, if you have trouble getting them from above.

Check out Filelogger, the integrated script for logging and managing received files with mIRC. Filelogger works intricately with Ultrawave, and is a MUST HAVE for anyone who's serious about getting the most from their DCC file transfers.

Filelogger was written and is maintained by Pentium. Any questions or problems with Filelogger should be directed to him. You can find information on contacting him at the Filelogger Home Page.

Get This If you're having trouble with the /X alias. Put this file in your Ultrawave directory.

Here's the newly updated Ultrawave FAQ!!!

Here's how you set up Ultrawave with PIRCH!!!

Check out the home page of ULTimage, an Image file viewer/manager with some amazing features
PortAlert is an TCP/IP monitoring application which can page you when your systems go down. Check any IP address to ensure a connection can be made on any of the ports you specify. ICMP Ping and Traceroute, too!
Click here to get to the ULTed Home page, the only Color Ascii editor for mIRC and PIRCH!!!!
Check out the home page of Magnifier, a freeware image magnifying utility
Check out the home page of TRAYSS, a System Tray icon that can start your screen saver at will
The Mailtray home page. A great utility for managing multiple e-mail accounts!

Register any of the above products here I take all major credit cards. Registration is handled by a Secure Sockets Layer connection by Progressive Technologies.

Please, send comments or feedback to me!

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